Protect your
clients' nest egg against inflation
Image: Rising inflation rate
Canada's annual inflation rate has reached a 30-year high*. 

This rise in living expenses could significantly reduce the value of your clients' investments and estates. In a context where inflation is everywhere, protection and growth are what matters most.
Protect your clients' estate from inflation with Helios2 75/100 i
Thanks to its one-of-a-kind in Canada feature1: the inflation-adjusted death benefit. At the time of death, clients are guaranteed that their beneficiaries will receive the amount adjusted based on inflation. Despite market downturns, the Death Benefit increases with inflation. The inflation-adjusted death benefit is automatic and is calculated every year. 

Clients can now contribute to secure their retirement by building up an estate and preserve it for themselves and their loved ones despite market downturns.
The only protection of its kind in Canada!1
Our inflation-adjusted Death Benefit offers an estate protection strategy, with inflation being linked to the contract's death benefit via our unique "i" guarantee.1
This graph shows a simulation of the annual automatic reset of the Minimum Death Benefit Amount until the Annuitant turns 75.
Desjardins Insurance has prepared this simulation for information purposes only (March 2021). It is neither an indication nor a guarantee of future results
More reasons to consider the Helios2 Contract
Responsible Investment (RI) / Environmental, social and governance (ESG) options
Competitive management fee rebate for your wealthy clients
A strong fund lineup with award-winning performance
Looking for more information? Watch the replay of our webcast and get in-depth information on the Helios2 – 75/100 i Contract2. Topics include:
  • Why inflation protection is important right now
  • How RI can help you
  • Supporting you with cases!
CE credits are available.
Ready to take action? We can help.
* Bank of Canada, August 2022.
1. Desjardins Competitive Analysis, January 2022.
2. The Owner must select one of the four Guarantees available under this Contract. The Owner may change the Guarantee of their Contract, once per calendar year, by submitting written Notification, unless such a change would result in the new Guaranteed Amount being less than 75% of the sum of Deposits adjusted for withdrawals. The Contract must satisfy all Deposit requirements of the selected Guarantee.
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